lemon juice is used to relieve the pain of bee stings. Oranges were historically used for their high content of vitamin C, which prevents scurvy. Scurvy is caused by vitamin C deficiency, and can be prevented by having 10 milligrams of vitamin C a day.
An early sign of scurvy is fatigue. If ignored, later symptoms are bleeding and bruising easily. British sailors were given a ration of citrus fruits on long voyages to prevent the onset of scurvy, hence the British nickname of Limey.

Nutrients in lemon

 There are many nutrients in lemons that are beneficial for our daily energy levels and routine. It is hard to believe so many different nutrients are actually packed into these little yellow bundles of bitterness. Surprisingly though, the most bitter freshest lemons are actually better for you. Outlined below is a breakdown on the nutrients found in most lemons (per 100 grams):

Calcium               26 mg
Carbohydrates    8.2 g
Fat                      0.3 g
Iron                     0.6 mg
Magnesium         8 mg
Phosphorus        16 mg
Potassium          138 mg
Protein               1.1 g
Sodium              2 mg
Vitamin A           20 mg
Vitamin B1         0.04ug
Vitamin B2         0.02 mg
Vitamin B3         0.1 mg
Vitamin C          53 mg
Energy – KJ       134
calories              32

It is best to choose lemons that have a bright yellow, firm and heavy textured skin, as they will have the most juice. If the skin is really thin, there is no need to peel them before juicing. Remember the old saying – have a couple of lemons every week to give your body a tweak. Either way you look at it, lemons are good for you so you should include them into your diet.

Fresh lemon juice not only has great health properties, it serves well in many combinations of fresh juice. Enjoy a lemon today.

Medicinal Action and Uses

Lemon juice is probably the best of all antiscorbutics, being almost a specific in scurvy. English ships are required by law to carry sufficient lemon or lime juice for every seaman to have an ounce daily after being ten days at sea. Its value in this direction has been stated to be due to its vitamines.

It is valuable as a cooling drink in fevers, and for allaying thirst. When unobtainable, a solution of 8 drachms of crystallized citric acid in 16 OZ. of water, flavoured with oil of lemon, may be substituted.

The juice may be used in diaphoretic and diuretic draughts. It is highly recommended in acute rheumatism, and is sometimes given to counteract narcotic poisons, especially opium.

Locally, it is a good astringent, whether as a gargle in sore throat, in pruritus of the scrotum, in uterine haemorrhage after delivery, or as a lotion in sunburn. It is said to be the best cure for severe, obstinate hiccough, and is helpful in jaundice and hysterical palpitation of the heart. The decoction has been found to be a good antiperiodic, useful as a substitute for quinine in malarial conditions, or for reducing the temperature in typhoid.

It is probable that the lemon is the most valuable of all fruit for preserving health.

The oil, externally, is a strong rubefacient, and taken internally in small doses has stimulating and carminative properties.

Preparations of the rind are used as an aromatic addition to tonics, and also the syrup of the fresh peel, and the juice.

Cure a Cold

While there is much debate about whether or not lemons can actually cure a cold, lemon taken along with garlic and honey can help to ease cold symptoms such as sore throat. The high vitamin C content in lemons also helps to shorten the duration of the cold virus, getting you on the road to recovery much faster. For best results, take lemon juice three or four times per day when you have a cold. If straight lemon juice is unpalatable, you can get the same benefits by using lemon in hot tea or by eating roasted lemon.

Dandruff Control
If you are plagued by dandruff, lemons may be able to help. For mild cases of dandruff, rinse your hair with equal parts water and lemon juice after shampooing. Make sure you massage the lemon juice mixture into your scalp as you rinse. For more serious cases of dandruff, rub lemon juice into your scalp before shampooing. Let sit for one minute, then rinse as noted above.

Diuretic Power
Having trouble going? Need to become more regular? Try drinking some lemon juice. Lemon juice can help relieve constipation by stimulating the digestive system into action and loosening stools. If you have a problem with regularity, a hot cup of lemon water a few times a week can help keep everything moving along smoothly.

Sooth Sore Throats
Hot lemon water is an excellent way to soothe sore throats. You can either gargle with hot lemon water or drink it like a tea.

Take the Sting Out of Insect Bites
Apply a tea bag soaked in lemon juice to insect bites to reduce swelling, itching and pain within minutes.

Because lemons have a low pH, they are effective at killing bacteria. For best results, make sure you use full strength, undiluted lemon juice.

Get Rid of Eczema and Dry Skin
For relief from eczema, mix lemon juice with olive oil and apply to eczema prone skin. The olive oil helps to moisturize eczema hardened skin while the lemon juice allows damaged skin cells to be sloughed off easily.

Remedy Bad Breath
Have a bad case of dragon breath and not a breath mint in sight? No problem if you have some lemons. Simply rub a slice of lemon over your teeth and tongue to freshen breath instantly. A word of caution: Lemons are acidic. Do not rub them on teeth on a regular basis as this can lead to erosion of tooth enamel.

Put Your Best Foot Forward
Want to have pretty tootsies? Begin by soaking your feet in a bowl of room temperature milk. After five minutes, rub lemon wedges on corns, calluses and other rough patches of skin. This relaxing foot bath will not only soften and exfoliate your feet but it will also help whiten yellowed toenails.

 30 common diseases and how to cure from Lemon.

1. Lemon contains ‘C’ vitamin. It increases digestion. It reduces thirst. It reduces piles. It reduces fatigue.

2. Malaria will be cured if one teaspoonful of lemon juice and one tea spoonful juice of white onion taken three times a day.

3. Piles and amoebiosis will be cured and bleeding stops.

4. Indigestion will be cured if lemon juice with baking powder is taken in water.

5. If lemon juice is taken with honey, chest pain, head-ache and indigestion will be reduced.

6. In winter season skin cracks will be cured if lemon juice with milk is rubbed to skin.

7. Amoebiosis will be cured if banana is taken with lemon juice.

8. Obstruction will be reduced if lemon juice is taken before meals.

9. If lemon juice is taken with tea, cold will be reduced. Make two parts of lemon, add salt to it, make it dry, make powder of it. If this powder is taken for a month blood pressure will be reduced.

10. Knee pain will be reduced if lemon juice with casteroil is rubbed to the knee and massaged.

11. If gums of teeth are rubbed with lemon there will not be toothache. Lemon juice should be rubbed to the head if hair falls. Bath should be taken after half an hour.

12. Ear Pain will be reduced if one or two drops of lemon juice are put in the ear.

13. Bleeding at the time of diarrhoea will be stopped, if lemon juice is taken three or four times a day.

14. Tonsils will be cured if lemon juice with four tea spoonful honey and with a little bit salt is taken drop after drop.

15. Take a cup of fresh cow milk and add one lemon juice to it. Drink it soon. If this is followed for a month piles complaint will be reduced. Take one cup of sugarcane juice, add coconut water, ginger juice and lemon juice to it. If this mixture if taken daily for about a week regularly, the kidneys will be clear.

16. If the lemon juice and cinnamon is applied to the fore-head, headache stops.

17. Take some ragi flour and mix it with lemon juice. If this mixture is taken piles will be reduced.

18. If lemon juice is taken during the time of meals for about three to four days the itching and pain in anus will be reduced.

19. At the time of bath, if lemon juice with soap nut powder is rubbed to the head and skin, the hair and skin become bright.

20. Take 100 grams of coconut oil add one tea spoonful of lemon juice, add clean calcium water to it. If this mixture is rubbed to hair, falling of hair stops and the hair will having shining.

21. Pimples will be reduced if the paste of lemon leaves and turmeric is applied to it.

22. Boil pure milk. Take one cup of this milk, add the juice of a lemon, add one spoonful of glycerin. Apply to the cracks of heels before sleeping at night. the heels will gradually become soft.

23. Itching will be reduced if lemon juice with sulphur is applied.

24. Take one cup of butter milk. Add lemon juice to it make powder of ‘cumin seed’ and cardamom. Mix with the milk. If this mixture is consumed, the vomiting stops.

25. Diphtheria and throat pain will be reduced if mouth is washed with lemon juice.

26. During hot season, if a cup of lemon juice is taken daily, fat is the body will be reduced and weight is decreased.

27. Good health is kept up if a cup of butter milk with lemon juice is taken early in the morning.

28. If potassium permanganate with lemon juice is applied to the place where scorpion have bitten, the pain will be reduced.

29. If eyes are cleaned with water including few drops of lemon juice, eyes will be clean and get shining.

30. All skin diseases will be cured if paste of turmeric, Tulsi Basil leaves, common salt and cow urine is applied to the skin.
















It is great as a preventative and for maintaining good health.Each of these five ingredients ( Ginger,Garlic, Lemon,Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey) have individual benefits on their own and in this mixture, a synergistic effect enhances the properties of each.
It lowers blood pressure as well as cholesterol , it leads to fewer colds and infections, and is helpful in conditions such as gout, arthritis, and joint aches. It is also a good tonic for the digestive tract and benefits the skin, and is helpful in weight loss.
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